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When seeking to buy your next boat, give serious consideration to being represented by a CPYB certified yacht broker who will work solely on your behalf. As your ‘Buyer’s Agent,’ a CPYB yacht sales professional will help strengthen your position in many ways, including helping to negotiate the fairest deal possible, while saving you valuable time and, possibly, avoiding costly mistakes.

Dale’s career started back in the 1970’s as he began making surfboards. Being near the beach and always around the water, Dale’s love for surfing quickly transferred into the world of boating as he began... Read More
Matt Partna’s boating experience began at a young age and grew into a career as he aspired to follow in his father’s footsteps as a yacht broker. As a teen, Matt assisted with boat shows... Read More
Lee Koetje’s passion for boats was passed down to him by his father.  Growing up on Whidbey Island spending most weekends and summers on his family's boats, learning his boat handling and navigation skills. With a background in both... Read More
I have spent 45 years in the Northwest enjoying every aspect of what mother nature provides here. Hiking, fishing, snowmobiling and skiing among others. My first memory of the San Juan Islands is from age... Read More