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Steel Motoryachts by Linssen Yachts!

A business that began life as a small boatyard in 1949 has become a market leader in the steel yacht building sector within three generations. Linssen Yachts is a byword for steel displacement yachts of superior quality and for continuous innovative product and process development. In each decade since the company was established, Linssen Yachts has been the driving force behind innovative ideas for modernizing the yacht building process. And it remains so today!

Linssen yachts are built in a series of 16 models and of course, Linssen would be delighted to build your dream yacht to your specifications. In fact, they do this every day already – in series, that is! Logicam technology enables Linssen to specify mass-produced hulls in such a way that they eventually come out at the other end as individual yachts. You will be astounded by all of the functional details, things that go to make life on board a joyful experience. Thanks to their unusual chine-type hull, these boats are highly stable and their new shape below the water line combined with the shape of the keel and the rudder, and the rudder balance means that they are easy to pilot in reverse, even counter to the propeller’s direction of rotation.

The Linssen boatyard is an impressive complex with a surface area of more than 484,000 square feet. Production is divided between two locations (Maasbracht and Echt). All in all, a very impressive process that you can hardly do justice to here on paper. We have had the chance to inspect Linssen Yachts while working at European Boat Shows over the last 10+ years, and to visit the Linssen Yard 8 times. Linssen Yachts and the yard are very impressive to say the least, so much so, we bought a used Dutch Sturdy 320 Linssen Yacht for our own use, and now own a 2020 demo Linssen Grand Sturdy 35.0 Sedan! With our assistance your new Linssen Yacht will be every bit as unique as you are. You can make it just as exclusive and special as you like.

Linssen Yachts now builds 16 models from 30′ to 50′.

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Linssen Yachts is – and remains – 100% made in the Netherlands.

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